K&N's - a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan's Poultry Industry - started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness of the Nation.  History
The K&N's Way:
With over 55 years of poultry excellence and a commitment to food-safety, we manage and control all stages of poultry production under one umbrella, and conduct quality assurance lab tests at every stage, to bring you safe and healthy chicken and chicken products.
Grandparent and Parent Breeding
K&N's maintains layer and broiler parent stock populations in different regions of Pakistan. Layer parent stock farms are located in the south and broiler grandparents and parents are bred in the colder mountainous northern region. Both types of parents are housed at isolated breeder farms.

To ensure strict bio-security, all breeder farms work on the important principle of all-in-all-out to avoid multiple ages at any breeder farm. Breeding stock is housed in environment-controlled houses. Some of the world’s best performances have been achieved at K&N’s.
Strict bio-security measures are taken at all farms to reduce the risk of disease transmission through mechanically and physically transferred disease causative agents. Careful attention is paid to bird health, vaccination, weighment and selection to maintain healthy and uniform breeding flocks.
Hatching-eggs are cooled down inside air-conditioned, humidified egg-rooms at breeder farms, packed and despatched in sanitised and environment-controlled vehicles to various company owned hatcheries located throughout Pakistan.
K&N's operates several strategically located hatcheries covering all day-old chick markets to ensure delivery of high quality layer and broiler day-old chicks to commercial farmers throughout Pakistan.

Maximum care is exercised while handling, reconstituting and administering vaccines using proper techniques and modern equipment. To ensure chicks get off to the healthiest start and stay protected from viral diseases, they receive injectable and spray vaccinations at the hatchery.
Day-old chicks are delivered to farmers throughout Pakistan in environment-controlled chick delivery vehicles to maintain quality during transit. After making deliveries, vehicles are washed and disinfected before entering the hatchery premises to avoid any risk of carrying disease causative agents back from the field to the hatchery or to other farms.
In addition to supplying day-old chicks to farmers, K&N’s is also engaged in broiler growing at company owned farms to produce broilers for our poultry processing plant.
Broiler Growing
K&N's chicks are taken in clean and temperature-controlled vehicles to our modern broiler growing farms. They eat at will and drink fresh, cool and pure water from “nipple drinkers” which release one sip of water at a time to avoid water contamination. Under the watchful eye of our own poultry nutrition, health and housing specialists, they grow-up naturally in houses equipped with automated heating, cooling and ventilation.
Quality Assurance Lab
We have a well-equipped quality assurance lab at our manufacturing plant.

All production processes starting right from ingredient sourcing, are monitored and regulated to ensure K&N's chicken products comply with high and ethical standards for food mandated by our ethos.
K&N's Foods
Feed Milling
K&N's chickens are raised on a well-balanced, vegetarian diet made of natural grain products, such as, corn, corn gluten, and rice; oilseed meals of soybean, canola and sunflower; supplemented with amino acids, multi-vitamins and minerals.
Feed is also supplied to our day-old chick customers and growers for realising the profit potential of K&N's quality day-old chicks.
Poultry Processing
At our state-of-the-art poultry processing plant, only healthy chickens are used to produce high quality, safe and healthy chicken products. Chickens are HALAL slaughtered by hand (Islamic Zabeeha) strictly according to slaughter rules of the Shariah.
After Halal slaughter, chickens are processed in the most hygienic and automated manner. During processing, the birds are washed inside out and our veterinarians constantly examine the birds to confirm they are wholesome. Cleaning is constant and each evening the entire operation is completely washed and sanitized. Only after very thorough inspection, the plant begins operation each day.

All chickens pass through veterinary inspection to confirm they are wholesome.
To keep a continuous check on quality, hygiene and food-safety, random samples are collected from the processing line for lab testing.

Some chickens are prepared to ship whole; others are packed as bone-in cuts or boneless products. Products for institutions such as fine hotels, restaurants, and international restaurant chains are cut according to their specific requirements and packed in K&N’s FoodService bulk packaging. Products for retail are packed in K&N's branded packaging and individually weighed, adding another step to K&N’s quality control.

Products are then blast frozen at a very low temperature of -30°C to ensure product freshness, taste and food-safety.
Some chickens are used for preparing our ready-to-cook and fully cooked chicken products using state-of-the-art meat preparation and production equipment. Choicest meat is carved and select ingredients are added to our premium chicken meat, for preparing flavourful high-quality products.

Ready-to-Cook & Fully Cooked

Individual Quick Freezing Technology
For better retention of all essential nutrients and natural taste, at our state-of-the-art processing plant, products are individually quick-frozen using Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Technology – one of the most advanced freezing technologies in the world..
What is
IQF-Individual Quick Freezing?arrow
Distribution System &
K&N's Chicken Stores
Products are stored at -21°C to maintain freshness.
Packed products are moved into K&N’s sanitized refrigerated trucks for distribution to ensure uncompromising quality control.

K&N's chicken products are available at K&N's Chicken Stores and leading retailers and also delivered to quality and food-safety conscious institutions such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, clubs and international restaurant chains.
For added customer convenience, Free Home Delivery service to households is also extended.

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